4 heartwarming old-fashioned chocolate cakes to buy at O’ahu now

SSometimes you have to fight darkness with darkness. And so these days, we often crave a slice of deep chocolate cake: the old-fashioned kind, darker than dobash, rich and chocolatey almost to the point of fondant, and yet with just a little bit of elasticity to lift us out of the depths.

Here are our favorite chocolate cakes (and a very classic chocolate soufflé), available individually or in individual portions, more or less chocolatey:

From top to bottom: Chocolate Madness Cake, MW Chocolate Cake, Fudge Cake, Chocolate Soufflé. Steve Martin 8 inch Celadon Porcelain Plate, $ 33, Fishcake (307C Kamani St., (808) 800-6151). Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

1. Chocolate Madness Cake

$ 8.95 from ‘Aiea Bowl

This cake literally towers over the rest, with six layers so chocolatey you almost don’t know where the cake ends and the dark chocolate frosting begins. Pieces of chocolate cake, almost like brownies, scattered on top, take it all, well, on top of it, to insane levels.

99-115 ‘Aiea Heights Drive, # 310,’ Aiea, (808) 488-6854, aieabowl.com, @aieabowl

2. Chocolate soufflé

$ 13 at Roy

This one’s an oldie but oh-so-goodie. Roy’s sumptuous chocolate soufflé, on the menu since the early 90s, is as sexy as it gets. Fresh out of the oven, it’s hot and crispy-crunchy on top with a dusting of powdered sugar. Pat it down with your spoon and watch the cake release a decadent liquid and silky fudge. It is accompanied by a raspberry coulis and, for hot-cold, dark-meets-light, a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Also available for take out, order 20 minutes in advance, royyamaguchi.com, @royshawaii

3. MW chocolate cake

$ 6 from MW

Of all the chocolate cakes here, MW’s looks the most delicate, but make no mistake about it. A crisp, shiny sparkle reveals layers of chocolate ganache cushioning the devil’s cake, set on a platform of milk chocolate crunch. It’s like eating a chocolate cake with spoonfuls of chocolate cereal, which of course means this cake is perfectly acceptable for breakfast.

1538, boulevard Kapi’olani, # 107, 955-6505, mwrestaurant.com, @mwrestaurant

4. Fudge cake

$ 4.50 from the market and Diamond Head grill

Diamond Head Market and Grill offers a number of chocolate cakes, from flourless cakes to raspberry or peanut butter fillings. But his fudge cake is the most classic. Chocolate cake purists won’t find any distractions here: just three layers of chewy, chewy cake, set in place and sealed with chocolate frosting.

3158 avenue Monsarrat, (808) 732-0077, Diamondheadmarket.com, @diamondheadmarketandgrill

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