A list of KL’s best and most irresistible chocolate cakes

Who can say no to chocolate cake? It’s wet, it’s rich and its many layers are seductively dark and dangerously addictive. Indeed, few food products on the planet can compete with the delicacy of a good chocolate cake. Here is our selection of the best chocolate cakes in KL.

Scientists would point to the addictive quality of chocolate; it does, after all, contain biologically active compounds that can alter a person’s mood. While that’s true, we like to point out that the humble cake is a creation that strikes the balance between baking precision and simple enjoyment.

The ingredients needed to bake a decent version are minimal: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder. Yet the many combinations that flow from this basic recipe are immense.

Take a look at the best chocolate cakes in KL, available from cafes and bakeries in the Klang Valley. To Table and Apron, we found a flourless version that only has five ingredients. Elsewhere at Lingonberrywe found a massive creation sitting on a cake stand completely covered in chocolate crumble.

With that in mind, we did our legwork that took weeks of research (read: eating chocolate cake). This isn’t another meaningless roundup of the best dishes. We’ve personally been to these places, bought all of the cakes we’ve listed here, and broken down what exactly makes them good. All this in search of the best chocolate cakes in KL.

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Coffee Tray

Those who prefer their cakes dense and decadent (perfect for sharing) can delve into the Tray coffee interpretation. It sports a generous layer of ganache on top that is at least an inch thick. We strongly recommend that you accompany it with a cup of black coffee if you are having dinner to reduce its richness. An advice ? We do not recommend reheating it in the microwave as it tends to dry out the moisture in the sponge.

(Image: Coffee Tray)



Imagine a melted chocolate ganache poured over a small square of hot cake. That sums up the Muddy chocolate cake at Souka. Its small size is ideal for portion control and the slight salty note of the ganache is a welcome addition that balances out the sweetness of the treat.

(Image: @meazlan_alias)


Espresso Bar + Bake Shop Whisk

If you’re looking for a whole slice to eat on your own in one sitting (no one is judging), Whisk is the place to be. The dark chocolate cake features two uncovered layers of a light, ethereal sponge with a ganache in the middle. It’s simplicity at its best.

(Image: Whiskey Espresso Bar + Bakery)


Good ground bakery

It’s a bit long to get to Good Ground, especially for a place that’s not entirely a cafe but a bakery that you pick up your orders from. Still, the chocolate cake here is decent and if you’re a walk-in customer, takeout is available but is sold in muffin size. Otherwise, the cake is available to order in 6, 8 and 9 inch rounds as well as a 12 by 12 inch square. The ganache is creamier than the rest we tried, making for a luscious bake enhanced by the topping of juicy berries carefully sprinkled on top.

(Image: Good Ground Bakery)


Table and Apron

Belgian dark chocolate, eggs, cocoa sugar and butter. These five ingredients are enough for Table & Apron to concoct a quality cake. The result is an extremely dense cake that works best when eaten in groups. After all, the texture is closer to a soft chocolate truffle than a sponge cake covered in creams, with an exterior dusted with cocoa powder.

(Image: Table and apron)


Chocolate World

If there’s ever an underdog on this list, it’s Chocolate World. While the brand was created in 2001, the master chocolatier has been working on their creations since 1991 already. The result ? A signature chocolate cake without all the bells and whistles that can stand on its own without relying on ganaches and creams. Indeed, the cakes are presented unassumingly in a cooler packed in yellow boxes when we purchase. Yet where it lacks presentation, it delivers taste and texture. The cake itself is laced with chocolate chips that harden when cold, making each slice a smooth bite-size treat that was pure indulgence.


Huckleberry food and fare

At RM19, Huckleberry’s chocolate cake is the most expensive of the lot, but we guarantee its excellence every day. There’s a strong chocolate flavor that hints at quality cocoa, which its makers use to great effect in the three layers of sponge that are as soft as they are ethereal. The slice stands out from other cakes with its outer coating of chocolate crumble which adds textural interest.

(Image: blueberry)


Jaslyn Cakes

We saved the best for last and the chocolate ganache cake from Jaslyn Cakes is the top. It’s everyone’s favorite place to order cakes and for good reason. The bakery-café uses quality ingredients without skimping on them and the chocolate ganache is certainly a good example. The ganache is the perfect consistency and just sweet enough with echoes of dark chocolate bitterness. Although it’s the only filling between the four layers of chocolate sponge, the whole thing is beautifully balanced so much so that eating a whole slice on its own isn’t sickening. This in itself demonstrates flavor mastery without having to rely on textural distractions or salt to compensate for an overly sweet creation.

(Picture: Jaslyn Cakes)

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