Milkybar White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Bites Now Available

Around the same time last year, we discovered Milkybar Cookie Bites. And they were a HIT! The bad news? They were only available for purchase online through GB Gifts (for a fairly steep price). But now we just found Milkybar Cookies & Cream Bites, and let’s just say they look 1000 times better …

Spotted on Instagram via John’s Snack Reviews, the new treats consist of a smooth, creamy white chocolate, filled with crunchy cookies and a cream filling. Explosion of the past a lot? Milkybar Munchies, we miss you (well, not so much now that we have them).

John describes the cookie bites as “absolutely adorable”, and fans were quick to respond in the comments section with “I neeeeeeeeed” and “that sounds like a tasty addition 😋”.

One person even said, “I could eat 10 bags and want more. We’re with you on this one, Elliot!

Milkybar’s Cookies and Cream Bites are now available in Asda stores and will cost you just 99 pence.

In other cookie related news, a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chunks is available for purchase in the UK! You can find these delicious bites of salted caramel cookie dough in the freezer aisles of UK supermarkets.

To start with, there was just a chocolate chip flavor (not that we were complaining – they’re the bomb), but now B&J has released this new flavor, and it’s right up our street.

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