Recipe for chocolate biscuits with fleur de sel

The richest cookies you’ve ever had

We’ve been fans of Jessica Koslow and Sqirl for a while now, but when we tried the Valrhona fleur de sel chocolate cookies from Koslow’s cookbook, all i want to eat, our fandom has turned into a true obsession. These chewy cookies are intensely chocolaty with the perfect salty kick and are a guaranteed win for your next cookie swap. Koslow emphasizes Valrhona chocolate for this recipe, a high-quality confection you can find even at Trader Joe’s.

The best takeaway is how Koslow manages to get perfectly round cookies every time. While each cookie bakes differently, Koslow makes sure they’ll be consistent by running a round cookie cutter slightly larger than the cookies slightly around the edges to smooth them into perfectly round little chocolate packets. Watch the video of us making the cookies with Koslow to see the trick in action.

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Recipe adapted from “All I Want to Eat”, by Jessica Koslow

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