The Best Tip You Need for Making Chocolate Bread Pudding

Considering chocolate bread pudding is an old-fashioned dish, your first instinct may be to make it the usual way. After all, going the traditional route is always better, right? Not necessarily. Because while History in the Making notes that a classic chocolate bread pudding recipe calls for melted chocolate, MasterClass states that swapping the ingredient for cocoa powder will change your bread pudding for the better.

The outlet explains that the reason you should use cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate is for consistency. According to MasterClass, because melted chocolate is semi-liquid, it can make the custard in your bread pudding thick. And if your custard isn’t moist enough, your bread won’t be able to absorb it. This means you could end up with a loaf of dry pain au chocolat.

However, since cocoa powder is completely solid, you can use it to achieve the same sweet taste without compromising your custard. MasterClass reports that you just have to combine your cocoa powder with your eggs and milk. Once you’ve done this, you’ll create a flavorful mixture that will add chocolate flavor to your bread pudding while keeping it perfectly moist.

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