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Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is known for its decadent and satisfying taste, especially when combined with sugar and dairy products.

Turn it into a chocolate cake, and we’ve got a winning combination of comfort food and fun, whether it’s for celebratory occasions or the endless days in between. (PMS and stress at work, we’re watching you.)

Here, we’ve rounded up the best (in our opinion) chocolate cakes in Singapore to get your fix. Keep scrolling to find out and keep this page handy.

PS You can make your own chocolate cake, but unless you are confident and experienced like Fann Wong and other home bakers, you are probably better off ordering a rich, chewy, guaranteed chocolate cake from these stores. .

1. Sunday people


Sunday Folks’ best-selling chocolate cake is the Rich Cognac Chocolate Ganache Cake. As the name suggests, the ganache is made up of 56% cocoa and cognac, which gives an irresistible taste.

A minimum order of $ 65 will get you free island-wide shipping so you can get the cake when you greet guests or get a birthday cake for a chocolate junkie.

Buy it here.

2. PS Cafe


PS Cafe Double Chocolate Dark Cake is made from two layers of moist chocolate cake topped with dark chocolate ganache.

While it doesn’t have any fancy decorations, the rich flavors are enough to impress. The 6 inch cake costs $ 58 while the 8 inch cake costs $ 90. Order via their website two working days in advance.

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3. Botanica Cake by Sharon


Cake Botanica is an advocate of raw food and therefore its cakes are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Their Chocolate Plant Cake with Raw Coconut Cream is particularly noteworthy and might change your mind about the plant-based diet. Cocoa butter, ganache, coconut cream and oil are mixed to create a harmoniously rich and fragrant cake.

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4. Kura


Kura offers a range of mouth-watering French delicacies such as Marou Triple Chocolat Paris Brest, Opéra Noisette and Chocolat Mont Blanc. The backbone of their desserts is the use of quality ingredients, such as cocoa beans from the chocolate maker Marou who grows and produces their own beans in Vietnam.

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5. The fabulous baker


Fabulous Baker Boy Cook and Baker Juwanta likes to draw inspiration from his travels and ancestral recipes to create his delicious cuisine.

The Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake uses Valrhona chocolate which is infused with sea salt and caramel before being coated with a rich layer of Valrhona chocolate ganache buttercream. Cake orders require at least five business days notice.

Buy it here.

6. Two pastry chefs


Two Bake Boys was founded by Kitty, an aviation industry professional, during the coronavirus crisis. The star product is actually the multilayer Thai tea pancake cake, because founder Kitty is actually Thai.

Since you can choose the flavors from the box, also try the chocolate, black sesame or tiramisu flavors. The pancake cake comes with a sauce that can be served refrigerated or reheated in the microwave for 10 seconds before basting it on the cake for added punch.

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7. Lady M


Lady M recently collaborated with whiskey label The Macallan to create a dark chocolate mousse cake infused with The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old whiskey.

This limited edition fragrance is no longer available, but we also love the Mille Crêpes au Chocolat, the Chocolate Cake or the Checkers cake made with a checkerboard of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake.

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8. Cupcakes


I love both chocolates and durian? Then you can’t pass up the Upcakes MSW Durian Chocolate Cake which has an entire layer of sweet and sour durian filling.

The brand was founded in 2019 by Aaron Lee and his wife after trying to bake a birthday cake for their child Andrew, who has Down syndrome. For those who can’t appreciate the King of Fruit, Upcakes offers pure chocolate cake and mint chocolate chip cake.

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9. Terribly chocolatey


As the name suggests, Awfully Chocolate specializes in chocolate and offers various iterations including All Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Banana Cake, and Chocolate Tiramisu. PS: also try their Hei ice cream, you won’t be disappointed.

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10. Singapore Coffee


Along with the lavish Nanyang-style interior, Singapore Coffee – located on the first floor of the Raffles Hotel Arcade – is also a coffee lover’s paradise (they use beans from artisan Asian plantations).

Besides the variety of brunch and desserts, the one you must try is the melted chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and a shot of freshly brewed coffee.

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11. Lavo Singapore


In fact, a lot of delicious chocolate cakes can be found in restaurants. For example, this awesome 20-layer chocolate cake from Restaurant Lavo in Marina Bay Sand.

It is composed of a chocolate devil’s cake as well as a peanut butter mascarpone cream. Not only is it delicious, but it’s Instagram-worthy too.

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12. Pulse Pastry


The name Pulse Pâtisserie is inspired by the rhythmic 90s genre music called trip-hop, and the brand quickly gained followers for its stunning designs.

Take for example the Camilla cake made with salted butter caramel and Caramelia Valrhona milk chocolate. It is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

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13. Origin of chocolate


Chocolate Origin Chocolate Cake is a two-tiered creation made from chocolate ganache. The dark chocolate version is particularly unique because it showcases the ingredient’s inherently slightly bitter taste.

The brand’s Cuppa Lava Cake is also another iconic dessert that you would certainly have seen before. You can also get handcrafted slats with unique designs at their Kallang Wave, Bugis Junction, White Sands, and Jurong Point outlets.

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14. Key pastry


Pâtisseie Clé was founded in 2018 by local pastry chefs Germaine Li and Joy Chiam.

The two had met while studying at the prestigious Ferrandi Culinary Institute in Paris while completing their diploma in French pastry arts. They perfected their art at the five-star luxury hotel Hôtel Le Bourgogne and at the Yann Couvreur pastry shop.

After returning to Singapore, the two worked in the three Michelin star restaurants Les Amis and Joël Robuchon before opening Pâtisseie Clé. For chocolate cakes, get The Gentleman who added whiskey, or the Hazelnut with 64% dark chocolate ganache.

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15. Lana cakes


Lana Cakes was founded in 1964 by Violet Kwan after her sister-in-law Lani (part of the brand’s inspiration) taught her how to bake a cake at home while visiting Hawaii. She officially established Lana Cake Shop on Greenwood Avenue, where the brand is still located today.

Since then, the brand has expanded its offering from three to 12 cake flavors, including the classic Chocolate Fudge and Moka Cream.

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16. Café des clans


Part of the Straits Clan family, Clan Cafe is located on historic Bukit Pasoh Road. The ‘gram-worthy coffee’ serves up a host of East Asian palates favorite brunches.

Of course, don’t forget to save some space for the fan favorite double chocolate cake.

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17. The Dark Gallery


It’s not hard to guess that The Dark Gallery specializes in chocolate desserts of its name. The Signature Dark Chocolate Cake is made with 66% dark chocolate mousse. For those who like a bolder flavor, get the mocha cake made with 72% Venezuelan dark chocolate and espresso ganache.

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18. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier


The brand was founded by French chocolatier Laurent Bernard, determined to select the best ingredients from around the world to make chocolates, sourcing beans from countries like Trinidad, Venezuela or the Dominican Republic.

The resulting creations, including various chocolate cakes, do not disappoint. There are several shops in Singapore, including Laurent’s Cafe & Chocolate Bar at Robertson Quay.

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19. Jane’s Cake Station


Jane’s Cake Station has gained a loyal following without being on Instagram. Founder Jane Lim learned baking from her mother, and her seasonal durian cake is considered her “claim to fame”. Besides durian, chocolate cake also keeps people coming back for more.

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